Colorado Advisory Council on Military Education

CO-ACME is an organization of professionals who represent the local education,
military, university and college communities. Members are committed to providing the very best educational opportunities to members of all military services. Noting the sacrifice made by military family members, this same commitment is extended to them.
CO-ACME members have a sincere, collaborative interest in this commitment because many of the members have previously served our country, or are currently fulfilling an active duty commitment. The Council is committed to providing pertinent and distinctive educational programs. Additionally, the Council was established to:
 Promote, support and deliver meaningful education to all branches of the military,
and to encourage educational institutions to be innovative and flexible in
meeting their educational needs.
 Provide a forum for the discussion of current issues and planning for future
 Review the concerns and problems brought before the Council and make
recommendations to the appropriate agency or entity.
 Encourage cooperative and coordinated efforts leading to improved functioning
of the Council, and more efficient and effective educational services for Armed
Services personnel and their family members.
 Recognize the achievements of those persons and organizations that have
contributed to the advancement of educational opportunities.

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